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Hi and thanks for visiting us here at campertrailer.wordpress.com – your number one online source of information on the humble camper trailer!

I often find that the very mention of camper trailers results in strange looks and raised eyebrows. It seems the word “camper trailer” is not particularly ingrained in the vocabulary of the common earth dweller. Our goal is to reverse this situation and to bring enlightenment to the masses. An appropriate starting point would be to pose the following question:

What is a Camper Trailer?

To put it quite simply:

…a camper trailer is a very economical and practical way to go caravanning. It is also extremely comfortable and convenient. Many people choose a camper trailer because it is a compact unit which tows smoothly behind almost any vehicle, is easy to handle, set up and doesn’t take much space to store. Children love camper trailers because there’s a bit of magic about them. Within minutes they are transformed from a small unit on wheels to roomy holiday accommodation. There’s surprisingly lots of room in a camper trailer, which is fully equipped with gas cooker, refrigerator, table and sink…

Source: http://www.welovethiscountry.com.au/Camper-Trailers/

I don’t know if I could have phrased it better myself, and such did not attempt the doing of it.

Stay tuned to the camper trailer channel as we discuss a range of topics relating to camper trailers, caravan parks and camping in Australia. We’ll take a look at such things as manufacturers of camper trailers, what to look for when buying a camper trailer and what kind of parts and accessories you can purchase and where to get them from.

Look forward to seeing you again, in the meantime – take it easy like a camper trailer!


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